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Digital nomad photographer, I propose you a shooting session of your real estate as well as a work of retouching to emphasize your apartment or your house. I also bring you my expertise in home staging, necessary in preparation of a photo shoot.
Without commitment on your part. I offer my services for free and I show you the result with watermarked photos. If you do not like the photos, no payment will be required. If you like the photos, they will be delivered to you in high definition after payment.
With professional photos, you will be able to show the assets of your property and inevitably increase your visits in case of real estate sales or your reservations in case of real estate rentals.

Why call in a professional?

Beautify your ad
As a real estate photographer, I am specialized in the development of an apartment or a house. Equipped with professional equipment, my photos are taken with a full format sensor and a wide angle lens, which allow a realistic view of the volumes of the rooms and give a better perspective. Photos taken with a wide angle lens give a better idea of the spaces, and give the photos a professional look.
In post-production, a first step of selection of the photos is made, then the necessary retouches are brought, in order to give more brightness to the photos, with a work on the light, the colors and the framing.
I assure you professional quality photos, with a perfect sharpness, a real enhancement of volumes, a careful framing, an optimal luminosity and a right rendering of colors. It is a question of highlighting your property without exaggeration to keep a realistic aspect.

Gain visibility

Almost 40% of visitors do not read the description of an ad. Therefore, photos play a major role in the choice of a rental.

With professional quality photos, you will stand out from the mass of ads whose photos were taken with a smartphone.

And with a carefully selected cover photo, you will increase the click rate on your ad and therefore the bookings.

Increase your bookings

The better your photos, the more bookings you will get. This is one of the most important criteria in choosing a rental.

Professional photos will best represent your property and its assets, and wide-angle photos will allow visitors to better project themselves in the place.

You will increase your bookings. You will generally only need one or two nights to make the purchase of the photos profitable.

The shooting

The steps


The day before, clean the apartment or house. Declutter the personal, useless and unsightly objects. Take care of the decoration and set the scene: roll up the towels, tap the pillows, set the table, place a fruit basket or a book...

Photo session

The session lasts about 1 hour for a one bedroom apartment. Before starting, I review the property in order to identify the angles and the assets, and I proceed to home staging if necessary. All the rooms are photographed, from various angles.


The photos are first sorted and selected before being retouched. The goal of the retouching is to highlight the assets of the property, while remaining realistic. The work is accentuated on the light, the colors and the framing.


48 hours after the shooting, 30 to 40 photos (example for a T2) retouched and ready to use on the Airbnb website are sent to you for verification. You are then free to buy or not the photos.

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